Posted by: hetrick927 | June 1, 2014

Miles Perfect Day Continued

So Saturday started out as expected, M3 in their typical pattern woke up around 4:30 wanting to go out. Once they are up they sometimes like to stay up because they know breakfast is coming. Yesterday things stayed pretty quiet until almost 6am which never happens.
Miles got his requested breakfast of:


He was as you can imagine ecstatic, his brother and sister were less than thrilled about the blatant favoritism.

We then let Miles nap for a while as is his tradition after every meal (and really after everything else). My intention was to take him to beach as close to sunrise as possible (6:35 am) but he was sleeping so peacefully I couldn’t disturb him, after all it’s his perfect day. So around 7:30 he started moving again and we decided to head out for the first “big” event on his agenda.
Off to the beach we went, and we sat by the water and listened to the gentle sound of the waves crashing. At that moment it became my perfect day. I could tell he was intrigued by this new sound and as he lay next to me it was as if the water washed the same calm over him that it always does me.














The remainder of his day was filled with naps, treats and just general calm and peacefulness at not having to deal with his brother and sister. For the first time since we’ve lived here we had a truly relaxing afternoon in the pool with Miles alternating between sunny grass and shady porch. No Marley nervously circling the pool waiting for one of us to jeopardize the pack by going under water, nor Morgan trying to eat every gecko that runs by.

We finished off the day with his wonderful meal of mashed potatoes, hamburger and cantaloupe. Then it was back to normal after we picked up the terrible twosome and life in the Hetrick den returned to normal.

Except for one little detail, Miles had gotten to experience something that all those we love should experience at least once. A day just their own, no obstacles too great or stresses to distract. Simply feeling the love of those who care for us the most. A small repayment for all the love we’ve received through the years!


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