Posted by: hetrick927 | November 5, 2011

There’s a Moose on the loose

A moose got stuck in a tree after eating fermented apples in Saro, Sweden a while back.

No in fact I’m not talking about this moose (but he looks like fun to party with), I’m talking about Moose the dog. My friend Matt got a rescue lab when he bought his first house had to be 10-11 years ago now. Moose was a little sickly and skittish (especially about thunder) but for the most part he was a typical black lab. As with most labs you’ll meet Moose was friendly and lovable, never tired of playing with his toys especially the hedgehog.

I know cut to the chase right? The reason I’m writing about Moose is that he had a profound impact on me. I think he and I have a bond and I loved showing up at Matt’s house just to get the greeting from him. Even outside his own family Moose has enough love to go around. So when Heather and I were talking about getting our first dog my criteria was both broad and limited. Simply stated I told her I want a dog just like Moose. Heather of course knowing this was impossible tried to temper my expectations but the bar had been set.

Our first attempt was Marley, our lovable lug who from day one has had a significant attachment to Heather. I can literally say “where’s mama” to him and he’ll go off on a quest to find her not stopping until he does. A total mama’s boy he is, a Moose for me he’s not. So we thought Marley needed someone his own species to play with so we found my little baby Morgan. Severely abused and highly dysfunctional but she reached into our lives and took hold. She’s our little monster who will still take any attention over no attention and lest we forget just leave something on the counter and you’ll quickly be reminded.

Finally for no good reason whatsoever we continued to look at rescued dogs and stumbled across Miles. Every three stooges needs their curly.
So between the three we are more than fulfilled, but there is still only one Moose.
Moose is now 15ish and still kicking it. He has heart problems and arthritis but still enough zest for life to keep on keeping on.

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