Posted by: hetrick927 | January 9, 2015

My angel gets his halo

For anyone who has read this blog in the past I apologize for my inconsistency. It has been a challenge for me to keep it up over time for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is that I write based on feel and inspiration. Well suffice it to say that inspiration has returned.
As Miles gets older I find that I’m starting to face some of the harsh realities that lie ahead. While a lot of those thoughts and feelings aren’t exactly sunshine and roses they are real and anyone who has ever loved a pet can probably relate. So this is as much catharsis for me as anything as I sort through the the twilight of Miles’ wonderful run here on earth.
So now to the halo. Miles has been running into things ever since we adopted him. That’s just the nature of being a blind dog in a world not necessarily tailored to you. I never worried too much about it because he never moves that fast and usually walks with some hesitancy because of the constant uncertainty of traveling without sight. Also we have established walking paths throughout our house with Flor carpet tiles so he knows if he’s on carpet he’s fine.
Over the past 6 months or so we’ve been feeling bad about it because he’s not as steady as he used to be and it just pains me to see him struggle in any way. So after some research I found and purchased an aid made just for him. It’s from a little company called Halos for Paws.
It’s essentially a vest that has a wire hoop sewn in that circles his face so that it comes into contact with objects before his head does and provides feedback so he can stop. I’m not sure if he likes it but at least while we are at work it gives us a little piece of mind that he is able to navigate a little better. Here are some pics of the halo.




In my next post I’ll talk about the magic of Toe Grips.

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